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How Auto-Bid Works?

Each Trade Finance deal is assessed by Eurivex Risk Committee and receives a grade (A-D). Higher grade deals offer a lower yield and a lower expected risk of default, while lower grade deals offer a higher return and a higher expected risk of default. By choosing the Reinvest Auto-Bid function, maturing proceeds are reinvested in chosen category.

Investors choose between the following strategies:

  • Conservative – invests in A grade trade finance deals
  • Balanced – invests in B grade trade finance deals
  • Growth – invests in all category trade finance deals

Investors can exit from investment for instant liquidity

In the Eurivex Secondary Marketplace, investors decide when to place the order to buy/sell orders, decide on the amount, as well as the price at which the investment will be bought/sold. Since Eurivex is an EU investment firm, regulated by CySEC, the secondary marketplace operates under MiFID guidelines.

The Eurivex Marketplace operates with following characteristics:

  • Bids/Offers matched on Order Priority (1st come, 1st serve)
  • Orders are “Limit” (you fix price) “Market” (based on market)
  • Settlement done on T+3 basis (Transaction plus 3 days)