18 Nov 2017

How Auto-Bid Works?

Each Trade Finance deal is assessed by Eurivex Risk Committee and receives a grade (A-D). Higher grade deals offer a lower yield and a lower expected risk of default, while lower grade deals offer a higher return and a higher expected risk of default. By choosing the Reinvest Auto-Bid function, maturing proceeds are reinvested in chosen category.

Investors choose between the following strategies:

  • Conservative – invests in A grade trade finance deals
  • Balanced – invests in B grade trade finance deals
  • Growth – invests in all category trade finance deals
18 Nov 2017

Investors can exit from investment for instant liquidity

In the Eurivex Secondary Marketplace, investors decide when to place the order to buy/sell orders, decide on the amount, as well as the price at which the investment will be bought/sold. Since Eurivex is an EU investment firm, regulated by CySEC, the secondary marketplace operates under MiFID guidelines.

The Eurivex Marketplace operates with following characteristics:

  • Bids/Offers matched on Order Priority (1st come, 1st serve)
  • Orders are “Limit” (you fix price) “Market” (based on market)
  • Settlement done on T+3 basis (Transaction plus 3 days)